Welcome to the Tactical Ops File Archive with all preserved Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror files. You can find everything here: custom maps, game installers, patches, mutators, keybinders, soundpacks, anticheat/server files and more.

To install Tactical Ops: Assault on Terror try the TO:AOT 3.4 + 3.5 Fixed Pack. It's an easy download, extract and play package for Windows so you can play online multiplayer by only having to configure a minimal amount of settings.

Before installing custom maps please read the Custom Maps Info page.

To extract all filetypes you might download (7z, zip and rar) try 7-Zip.

This file archive, the public redirect and the servers are all maintained by jo0Oey aka joeycracknl.

Tactical Ops TV

Tactical-Ops.eu YouTube channel with multiple uploaders. To show support for the website and to help TO stay alive subscribe to the Tactical Ops TV YouTube.

Latest Video: Tactical Ops Winter Cup 2020 Final

Tactical Ops Discord

Main discord channel of the TO:AOT community, discord is a public chatroom combined with teamspeak. Great place to talk about TO or to ask for help when having problems with the game. The Mix Wars played in non-public servers are also organized from there. Discord Invite Link

TO Wars Website

Check out the TO Wars website featuring clanwars, ladders and tournaments.

Fixed Pack v469a Test Version

Click here to try a test version of the TO3.4+3.5 pack with v469a patch applied.

Updated Guides & Info

The Mouse Tracking & Input guide is updated with all known TO "placebo" mouse fixes and a new one is added: FOV & Aspect Ratio

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