Welcome to the Tactical Ops Archive, a site dedicated to preserving all files and to help keeping the game alive.

TO multiplayer is still alive in 2023, download the TO:AoT Fixed Pack that includes all versions that still have servers online.

The TO Archive is made possible by:

jo0Oey#5231 - Started the file preserve & map fix project, this site and the youtube channel to share a fixed TO download after GameSpy's shutdown.

SpiritSuxor#9084 - Helped converting and fixing many of the old incompatible ut99 mod maps to work on retail TO.

Nezz#5936 - Took over hosting/managing the TOeu public 3.4 server since august 2021.

And many others, there is a big list at the bottom of the About page.

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Community Discords

Tactical Ops Community Discord - The place where all TO players hang out, discuss TO and arrange mix wars.
Discord Invite: discord.gg/EHMfnqr

Tactical Ops 3.4 Discord - TOST4500 Mix War Community
Discord Invite: discord.gg/pkBKGpJf7M

Tactical Ops - AoT - Developers & Suppport Discord
Discord Invite: discord.gg/PXmbUKxjb5

Download Tactical Ops

TO:AoT Fixed Pack

The recommended all-in-one download to play TO online in 2023.

Includes the most popular online played TO versions with working multiplayer: TO3.4 and TO3.5. (TO2.2 is available as addon)

TO History Pack

Includes 7 full standalone installs of all old TO Mod versions: SWAT, TO1.2, TO1.6, TO2, TO2.2, TO3.1.5 and TO3.3.2.

Only TO2.2 has servers online and is available as addon for the Fixed Pack above.

TO:Crossfire Pack

Standalone version of the TO:Crossfire UT2004 mod, updated to the unofficial v1.97 version.

TO:C has no servers online since 2021 and sadly the multiplayer scene is completely dead.