Welcome to the TO Archive, a site dedicated to preserving Tactical Ops.

TO:AoT multiplayer is still alive in 2024, download the TO:AoT Fixed Pack and start playing.

jo0Oey - Started this site, the file preserve & map fix project and the youtube channel.

SpiritSuxor - Helped converting and fixing many of the old incompatible ut99 mod maps.

LuckyDog - Provides file hosting and public redirect for the TO Archive.

Carnitarian - Hosts the 3.4 Map Archive server since march 2024.

And many others, there is a big list at the bottom of the About page.

TO:AOT Fixed Pack
TO:AoT Fixed Pack

The recommended all-in-one download to play TO online in 2024, includes the most popular TO versions with working multiplayer.

TO:AOT Fixed Pack
TO History Pack

Includes 7 full installs of all the old TO Mod versions: SWAT, TO1.2, TO1.6, TO2, TO2.2, TO3.1.5 and TO3.3.2.

TO:AOT Fixed Pack
TO:Crossfire Pack

Standalone version of the TO:Crossfire UT2004 mod updated to the unofficial v1.97 version.

TO Discords

Join all 3 Discords to stay up to date with all TO news.

TO:AoT Community Discord: discord.gg/k5G9fF23wt

TO3.4 Community Discord: discord.gg/pkBKGpJf7M

TO Dev & Suppport Discord: discord.gg/PXmbUKxjb5

Latest News: LD / TOeu Servers Down

Due to unavoidable maintenance the Public Servers 1 and 2 aswell as the MixWar Server and some sources on Tactical-Ops.eu are down on 13 May.

Should hopefully be fixed later on the day or tomorrow.

View more on the News Archive page.

Latest YouTube Videos

The Tactical Ops TV channel was created in 2015 to help keep TO Alive, over time many players have contributed videos/streams.

Anybody can submit video's on the TO Discord to be uploaded to the channel as long as they are TO related.

Uploaders: joeycracknl, Katia, AlienX, Nayare, TaNaKa, Floid, Ilus!oN$, jLc, Daya, Spike, Lordo, TroN, svN, kuidado, $aru, Dontian, jadafect, GkN, Zlodey, Prefixer, Magnoon, liqujd, BulletProof, Final_Breath, WUGJE, Gniew, bAsen, Target, cKmaN, b☐t, Ninho, Carnitarian

View more on the Tactical Ops TV YouTube Channel.

View more on the Latest Maps page.

Useful Links

Tactical Ops TV: youtube.com/tacticalopstv

TO:AoT Community Discord: discord.gg/k5G9fF23wt

TO3.4 Community Discord: discord.gg/pkBKGpJf7M

TO Suppport Discord: discord.gg/PXmbUKxjb5

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